Hotel Črna na Koroškem

The Črna Hotel is located in Črna na Koroškem, a small town that is a special place in many aspects. It is nestled among the surrounding hills and mountains, dreaming in its isolation away from large centres, yet open to the world and focused on the future. Črna is well known all over the world due to its seven Olympic athletes and the Olympic Champion Tina Maze. Črna has a huge potential in tourism development focusing primarily on green and sustainable tourism principles. The strategy of tourism development is concentrated on the dynamics of local events and the possibilities for extreme as well as other sports activities. A lot of traditional events are held in Črna, such as The Castles of King Matjaž (‘Gradovi kralja Matjaža’) which attract many builders of snow sculptures, parents and children who enjoy the winter fairyland. Summer is the time when trekking and climbing in the mountains and hills surrounding Črna are extremely popular. Those in better physical shape can set out on a unique mountain challenge called the K-24. It encompasses hiking to five peaks of the surrounding mountains in just 24 hours. An extensive road network offers amazing opportunities for mountain bikers of different categories. Specially designed natural climbing areas are used for Alpine and sport climbing. Sports fans are also attracted to a completely renovated sports park, a gym, a recreation path with stops for physical exercise, and to outdoor fitness facilities lying in three locations. In winter, a ski slope is available in the centre of town. In the spring of 2020, a new attraction, the longest zip line in Slovenia will be built and will start to attract visitors from all around.

The hotel is currently used as such. It has got 29 rooms that accommodate 53 people. There are single and twin rooms as well as 6 suites or family rooms. All of them have a bathroom with shower and basic equipment for guests. The hotel has not been renovated recently so the furniture is old. The installations, windows, doors, roof, and other parts of the building are also old so a complete renovation has to be done.

However, the other part of the hotel, meaning the restaurant and the kitchen, was completely renovated in 2016. Since then, the kitchen has been leased to a company that provides meals for the workers in a big local factory. They also offer meals for different occasions like anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations.

The immediate location of the hotel comprises 2 057 m2.

The total NET usable floor area of the hotel:

  • NET hotel (accommodation part) floor area of 852.34 m2
  • NET hotel (restaurant and kitchen) floor area of 352.16 m2

Total NET floor area: 1 204.50 m2



  • The hotel is located in the northern part of Slovenia, near the Austrian border, and is the starting point to reach all well-known surrounding tourist destinations, such as the following: the Logar Valley and the Rinka Waterfall, Eisenkappel and its health resort, Carinthian lakes (Lake Klopein, Lake Wörthersee), the Petzen Ski Resort, the Savinja Valley with Lake Velenje, and the Meža Valley with the Peca Underground.
  • The hotel is located in the centre of Črna, which offers several possibilities for different activities and sightseeing: natural and cultural attractions like the Najevska linden tree, the Topla Landscape Park, the Bistra Energetic Park, the Church of St. Anne with the Black Madonna, the five mountains surrounding Črna (Mt. Peca, Mt. Raduha, Mt. Uršlja Gora, Mt. Olševa, and Mt. Smrekovec, which is a former volcano), and several waterfalls that can be climbed in winter. There are also numerous sports and recreation facilities like an athletic stadium, a tennis court, beach volleyball, outdoor fitness facilities, a climbing wall and boulder climbing, a ski slope, cross-country skiing, as well as themed routes and endless paths for hiking and biking in the surrounding forests.
  • Črna na Koroškem is one of the partners that established the Karavanke Geopark, a Global Unesco Geopark. Together with other Slovenian and Austrian partners, it is developing different programmes and activities to attract visitors from all over the world to familiarise them with local geological specifics and biological diversity in appealing, imaginative, and experimental ways. One of the biggest attractions in this part of the region will be the longest zip line that is already under construction and will start to operate in the spring of 2020.



Ready for sale or lease.

The kitchen is currently leased to a lunch-providing company.



  • hotel (accommodation part) ……….100 456.00 EUR
  • restaurant and kitchen …………….303 500.00 EUR
  • the land……………………………………..93 445.00 EUR

TOTAL: 497 401.00 EUR

The investment value is based on the architects’ and engineers’ evaluation and includes the construction works, carpentry, and installations. The estimated value of the investment in the Črna Hotel will range between 700 000 EUR and 800 000 EUR.

The expenses for the hotel equipment and the engineering design are not included.



Center 153, Črna na Koroškem, Slovenija






T: +386 (0)5 90 85 190

Foto: Občina Črna na Koroškem I Tomo Jeseničnik, Arhiv RRA Koroška