The Dominican Monastery Radlje ob Dravi

The Dominican monastery was founded in 1251. It was intended as an educational facility for wealthy daughters of noblemen, but it also housed pharmaceutical (the first pharmacy in Europe, established in 1666), educational, musical, charitable, health-related, and pastoral activities.

Today’s image of the complex mainly exposes the architectural details of the 17th century Early Baroque. Although the outstanding structural elements are only preserved individually, the whole complex has one of the most beautiful environmental concepts in Slovenia because of its relation to the cultural landscape.

Currently, the monastery is used for the housing of municipality residents, i.e. 10 families. With a complete rehabilitation (the restoration of the 6,500 m2 building, the 1,500 m2 extension, the setting-up of a herbal garden, and the restoration of the bridge between the monastery and the Radlje Manor), the health-related, herbal, and pharmaceutical activities could be brought back into the monastery. The monastery would thus become a tourism-related, economically functional building, and not only a heritage building.

The concept of the building includes the following options:

  • The establishment of dietetic activities (health care, alternative medicine, and pharmacy)
  • The production and processing of herbs for the needs of the centre as well as for sale
  • Educational activities from the field of dietetics
  • The establishment of a holistic centre for spiritual and mental rehabilitation


  • The Dominican monastery was one of the most beautiful and most outstanding buildings in Radlje ob Dravi
  • The owner of the building is also the owner of the plot
  • The monastery is located in the immediate vicinity of the Radlje ob Dravi town centre as well as right by the regional road leading towards the Radelj border crossing (bordering Austria)
  • The monastery is currently used for housing and it already has tenants


Type of investment:

For Sale

Phase of the project:

Finished concept. Currently, the monastery is used for housing (lease)..



Radlje ob Dravi, Slovenia

Health care, pharmacy, alternative medicine, the production and processing of herbs, tourism



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