The Elderly Care Unit and Intergenerational Centre (Črna na Koroškem)

The Elderly Care Unit and Intergenerational Centre will be located in Črna na Koroškem, a small town that is a special place in many aspects. It is nestled among the surrounding hills and mountains, dreaming in its isolation away from large centres, yet open to the world and focused on the future.

A lot of traditional events are held in Črna, such as The Castles of King Matjaž (‘Gradovi kralja Matjaža’) which attract many builders of snow sculptures, parents and children who enjoy the winter fairyland. Summer is the time when trekking and climbing in the mountains and hills surrounding Črna are extremely popular. An extensive road network offers amazing opportunities for mountain bikers of different categories. Specially designed natural climbing areas are used for Alpine and sport climbing. Sports fans are also attracted to a completely renovated sports park, a gym, a recreation path with stops for physical exercise, and to outdoor fitness facilities lying in three locations. In winter, a ski slope is also available in the centre of town.

The Elderly Care Unit and Intergenerational Centre

The commercial residential building: 550 m2 net floor area

  • cellar: 45 m2
  • ground floor: 254.4 m2
  • first floor: 250.6 m2

The old apartment house: 194 m2 net floor area

  •  cellar: 92 m2
  •  ground floor: 102 m2
  •  the wooden part: 60 m2

The barn and log cabin: 460 m2 net floor area

  •  ground floor: 200 m2
  •  first floor: 200 m2

Land area

  • built-up building land of 1 544 m2
  • partly building land of 115 m2 and partly agricultural land of 1 040 m2 (sum: 1 155 m2)
  • unbuilt building land of 485 m2

Total NET floor area: 3 184 m2

The complex is under cultural heritage protection.


The Municipality of Črna na Koroškem is a proud holder of ‘A Volunteer-Friendly Municipality’ title. Events organised by non-governmental organisations in Črna make a significant contribution to a diverse cultural and sports offer for locals. Many locals volunteer in associations, making life in the municipality better, safer, and providing for a diverse sports and cultural offer. About 50 non-governmental organisations are active in the municipality. The Intergenerational Centre will provide a place for social gatherings of all age groups and workshops in order to encourage harmony and the integration of different social groups. Acceptance, love, empathy, compassion, connection: these words of humanity distinguish the town, the local community, and Črna na Koroškem as a place with a strong social character and sense for other human beings.

The Elderly Care Unit and Intergenerational Centre will be located in the northern part of Slovenia, near the Austrian border in Črna town centre. Črna is the starting point for reaching all well-known surrounding tourist destinations, such as the following: the Logar Valley and the Rinka Waterfall, Eisenkappel and its health resort, Carinthian lakes (Lake Klopein, Lake Wörthersee), the Petzen Ski Resort, the Savinja Valley with Lake Velenje, and the Meža Valley with the Peca Underground.

The Elderly Care Unit and Intergenerational Centre will be located in the centre of Črna, which offers several possibilities for different activities and sightseeing: natural and cultural attractions, parks, green spaces, themed walking paths, and the nearby Church of St. Oswald. In the immediate vicinity, there is also a restaurant, a kindergarten, an elementary school, the municipal administration, a bus station, a post office, commerce, a pastry shop, and all other service facilities.


Ready for sale or lease.

The facilities are currently not in use.


Building price: 210 358 EUR

The investment value is based on the architects’ evaluation and includes the construction works, carpentry, and installations. The estimated value of the investment in the building under consideration will range between 605 000 EUR and 660 000 EUR.

Other equipment and engineering design expenses are not included.


Center 104, Črna na Koroškem, Slovenija


A residential and service complex


T: +386 (0)5 90 85 190

Photos: Občina Črna na Koroškem I Tomo Jesničnik, Arhiv RRA Koroška