The Radlje ob Dravi residential and service complex

The size of the land is 4,530 m2 and it is located in the center of Radlje ob Dravi.

A workshop and garages are located on the land. Other buildings were already demolished.

Because of its location, the land is suitable for the construction of two apartment buildings. The concept for these has already been designed.

The proposal presents two smaller, parallel residential buildings. Parking spaces, storage rooms, and basements are intended for the basement/floor level, followed by 4 floors. The parking spaces are also planned on the outer part of the passing road. The complex is surrounded by green areas.

The residential and service complex could also be used as a home for the elderly. In the region, lacks housing for the elderly, which is a general problem in the region and in Slovenia at all. BUSSINES OPPORTUNITY!

The land is easily accessible and located on a gentle south-facing slope. It is secluded from the direct influences of traffic from the main road. A smaller agglomeration of apartment buildings is located north of the land; houses are located on the eastern and western side, and there is an older apartment building on the south-west side. A bank, a police station, shops, restaurants, and a bus station are located nearby.

The municipal spatial plan of the Municipality of Radlje ob Dravi ensures the construction of residential and service buildings in this area (the main purpose). The net floor area of the existing buildings will be considered for the public utility charge. The land registry permission has been issued.


  • The land is located in the Radlje ob Dravi town center and is easily accessible
  • The land has got an existing infrastructure; the already paid public utilities charge for the existing buildings is considered for acquiring the building permit
  • The land is situated on a sunny location


Estimated investment in total:

Land price: 250,000,00 EUR (55.187 EUR/m2)

Type of investment:

Land sale

Phase of the project:

  • Finished concept
  • The land is ready for sale




Radlje ob Dravi, Slovenia


A residential and service complex



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