Youth Cultural Centre and the Radlje ob Dravi Hotel

Youth Cultural Centre and the Radlje ob Dravi Hotel in the Radlje ob Dravi centre are being sold.

The hotel has 16 single-, double-, three- and four-bed rooms with a total of 42 beds. All rooms have a bathroom, toilet, TV and Wi-Fi. The entire hotel is accessible for disabled persons and two bedrooms, with a total of 7 beds, are entirely adapted for disabled persons. Guests can use two practical kitchens for snacks or a quick lunch. There is also an elevator, a private parking lot and room for parking bicycles and motorcycles.

In addition to the hotel, the facility includes a restaurant, kitchen and gathering place, which can be used for various events, weddings, meetings, et cetera. The lower floor includes several rooms intended for various events, such as lectures, conferences, et cetera.

The total measurement of the facility is 1,674 m2 and the whole plot measures 1.599 m2.

The facility is currently run by the public institution.


The facility is located in the center of Radlje ob Dravi. Radlje ob Dravi was first mentioned in 1139 as Villa Radela and as a market in 1268. Ancient Roman finds in this area testify to the venerable age of the place. The town Radlje became an important tourist destination in Slovenia with the opening of the first narutral pool in the country, Vodni Park Radlje ob Dravi (the Radlje ob Dravi Water Park) and was awarded the Slovenia Green Silver sign for its nature-friendly efforts.

Visitors can revel in exploring numerous cultural monuments, unspoilt nature at the edge of the Pohorje and Kozjak hills and get sporty at the innovative sports facilities. Outdoor fans can explore nature while hiking along the four educational trails – the forest-, beekeeping-, and two water-trails; adventurers can  roam and cycle through pathless areas; and culture fans can explore culture at the museum exhibitions and mysterious churches.


Koroška offers vast opportunities for leisure as well as for the investment in the development of tourism and tourism-related activities.

The Koroška Region as a destination is yet an undiscovered, hidden natural gem with great potential. It especially impresses those who appreciate green ecotourism based on boutique tourism products and authentic experiences. Its core attribute and advantage is unspoiled green nature that offers a vast array of possibilities for outdoor activities, especially cycling and hiking. It is ideal for countryside holidays. We take pride in our rich heritage, with former traditional economic activities now turning into tourist attractions. Examples of these are kayaking and cycling in a disused mine (the Podzemlje Pece Tourist Mine and Museum), timber rafting along the Drava River, and others.


  • Radlje ob Dravi is one of the first Slovenian destinations to receive the Slovenia Green Silver sign as a symbol of sustainable and green development.
  • The town and its surroundings offer pristine nature, numerous cycling and hiking trails and the hospitality of local people are among the many reasons why this destination is worth visiting.
  • Radlje ob Dravi is located in the vicinity of various important tourist destinations of the Koroška region, such as the tourist and skiing centres Ribnica na Pohorju and KOPE, the Drava River rafting points, et cetera.
  • It is near the regional road and the Austrian border.

Type of investment: ready for sale


Radlje ob Dravi, Slovenija




T: +386 (0)5 90 85 190