Invest in Koroška

Koroška is economically successful, socially and spatially connected community. It encourages creativity, entrepreneurship, openness, and inclusiveness for everyone.

Koroška provides to its people to enjoy a high quality life and to work in a healthy and clean environment.

The region sustainably manages with natural resources.


Why invest in the areas of the Koroška region?

There are many good reasons for an investment in the Koroška region. First of all, Koroška has great geostrategic position and high quality of living. Further, business locations are excellent and local communities and other business enteteies offer active support to the potential investors.

The labour market of the Koroška region

Koroška is a region known for its high-quality workforce, experience in the processing industry, high knowledge in ICT technologies, good knowledge in foreign languages, and high employee loyalty.

The major industries in the Koroška region

The Koroška region is focused in seeking opportunities to develop existing and new environmental friendly activities with higher added value. The major industries in the Koroška region are: wood industry, metallurgical industry, and tourism.

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Business events

The list of business events ant meetings.

Brezplačna virtualna B2B srečanja v okviru CONTACT – Business Meetings

Event start: 03.03.2021
Event end: 03.03.2021
Application deadline: 15.02.21
Price: Brezplačno

Vabljeni k udeležbi na spletnih poslovnih sestankih v okviru bienalnega dogodka CONTACT, ki ga organizirajo EEN projektni partnerji iz Saksonije (Nemčija).

Mreženje bo potekalo med dvojnim digitalnim sejmom in sicer mednarodnim sejmom za orodjarstvo, proizvodnjo in avtomatizacijo ter
mednarodnim podizvajalskim sejmom za dele, komponente, module in tehnologije.


Slovenia: Stability – the Opportunity for Growth in Challenging Times” Webinar by SPIRIT Invest Slovenia

Event start: 09.12.2020
Event end: 09.12.2020
Application deadline: 08.12.2020
Price: Free

Slovenia ranks as one of the least restrictive OECD-member countries for FDI, doubling its FDI stock in the last ten years. It has a well-developed system of investment tax relief as well as R&D tax incentives and a highly skilled workforce. In the past few years, it has been one of EU’s fastest-growing economies, mostly due to the continued steady increase in exports.

We kindly invite you to attend the virtual investment conference on Wednesday, 9 December 2020, at 10 AM.


Event start: 21.10.2020
Event end: 22.10.2020
Application deadline: 30.09.20
Price: Early Bird - 125 EUR* - 8th June 2020 - 6th July 2020 Late Bird - 149 EUR* - 7th July 2020 - 31st August 2020 Full Price - 189 EUR* - 1st September 2020 - 31st September 2020 * 22 % VAT not included

Join us for a international B2B event attended by an estimated number of 200 companies and enjoy in a relaxed networking environment accompanied with likeminded business professionals and decision makers.

Investment Forum ESIC 2018

Event start: 23.10.2018
Event end: 24.10.2018
Application deadline: 15.10.18
Price: 190 + vat

The aim of the event is to gather investment potential of East Slovenia cohesion region in one place and to attract potential investors to a common venue in order to meet, discuss concrete investment opportunities and finally to make deals.