Land – Business zone Otiški vrh

The business zone is located in a strategic position, i.e. at the intersection of three valleys: the Meža Valley, the Mislinja Valley, and the Drava Valley. The town of Dravograd and the Slovenia-Austria border crossing (Vič / Lavamünd) are both nearby (app. 5 km away).

Land size: 16.059 m2.



  • The land is located in the vicinity of the main Slovenj Gradec – Maribor road,
  • The proximity to the regional road and the border crossing with Austria
  • The land is evenly distant from all major Koroška cities


Estimated investment in total:

Land price: 1.605.900 EUR (100 EUR/m2)


Type of investment::

Purchase of land or Partnership principle (private partnership)



Otiški vrh, Dravograd, Slovenia

Real estate



T: +386 (0)5 90 85 190