The major industries in the Koroška region


The Koroška region is focused in seeking opportunities to develop existing and new environmental friendly activities with higher added value, especially in the field of major industries in three municipalities Radlje ob Dravi, Podvelka and Ribnica na Pohorju. These major industries are: wood industry, metallurgical industry, and tourism.

The vision of the Koroška region by 2020 is to become (as well as to remain) an economically successful and a socially and spatially connected community that encourages creativity, entrepreneurship, openness, and inclusiveness for everyone, while enabling its population to enjoy a high quality life, healthy and safe working conditions, clean environment, and a sustainable management of natural resources.

Wood industry:
Slovenia is one of the most forested countries in Europe; Koroška is considered as one of the most forested regions in Slovenia. The wood stock is estimated over 6.4 million m3, the annual growth is estimated at over 0.6 million m3 of wood.

In the past, forestry and wood-processing were very important industries and employed many people from this region. Today, most of the unprocessed wood from Koroška is exported mainly to Austria. Unprocessed wood from Koroška finds its customers also throughout Europe and North America, where it is processed into the most valuable wood products.

The region with sufficient quantities of quality wood, which is in the immediate proximity and permanently accessible, with the knowledge, supported services – also in the fields of education, research and development – and defined plans for establishing forest-wooden chain, offers many opportunities for the future development of the industry and for investing in existing or new processing capacities, mainly for finished products and intermediate products with higher added value.

In Koroška, wood is a raw product of the future and its systematic use provides efficient and friendly industry.

Koroška is considered as one of the oldest Slovenian industrial regions, where the most important industry is metal processing industry in terms of turnover and export.

The materials (iron and steel) as a potential technology represent one of the key competences of the region in the connection with other industries in the country and outside of it. The fact, that metalwork is an industry with a high potential, is proven by companies which invested in the past years in technological update of the production, in order to ensure competitiveness and increase production capacities.

Long tradition, valuable experience, innovative approach, good quality services, and the presence of Koroška‘s companies on the global markets, offer to potential investors opportunities for the future development and entrance on the domestic and foreign markets.

Tourism – leisure:
Koroška offers vast opportunities for leisure as well as for the investment in the development of tourism and tourism-related activities.
The municipality of Radlje ob Dravi is known for its attractions, its excellent sport facilities, modern youth hotel, and numerous themed paths to explore unspoiled nature of Pohorje and Kozjansko‘s forests. The project »Water park Radlje ob Dravi« additionaly attracts people to visit Radlje ob Dravi. Having already built the first biological pool in Slovenia, the innovative tourism centre is in the process of building along with the holiday camps and mobile houses.

Ribnica na Pohorju is an idyllic village with apartment complexes, ski resorts, tourist farms, and with the possibilities and plans for further development. The main planned project is the construction of the cable car infrastructure on Ribniško Pohorje which will connect this area with the mountain tourist centre Kope.

Podvelka with its tradition and location offers adventures with a touch of the past. The main attraction is timber rafting on the river Drava. There are many natural and cultural attractions, including pathways. The major product of tourism in the Upper Drava Valley is the international Drava Cycle Route.

Investors have many options for investing in the development of tourism infrastructure and tourism related services.