Why Koroška?

Why choose and invest in the areas of the Koroška region?

Koroška is one of the 12 Slovenian regions and covers 5,15% of the whole Slovenia. Koroška has 70,000 inhabitants and it is considered as one of the oldest industrial regions. The main advantages of the Koroška region are: the development of tourism, well - developed corporate sector and some processing companies.

The vicinity of the Austrian border gives a great opportunity for the economy, entrepreneurship and cross border cooperation.


Koroška is economically successful, socially and spatially connected community. It encourages creativity, entrepreneurship, openness, and inclusiveness for everyone.

Koroška provides to its people to enjoy a high quality life and to work in a healthy and clean environment.

The region sustainably manages with natural resources.



Great geostrategic position:

  • located in the heart of Europe;
  • bordering Austria;
  • the vicinity of motorway (AT Koroška);
  • the vicinity of airports.

High quality of living:

  • unspoiled nature;
  • Koroška is often compared to Switzerland and Austria;
  • low living costs;
  • one of the safest regions in Europe.

Leading areas:

  • metalworking, machine engineering, and tool industry;
  • forestry and wood industry;
  • tourism.

Excellent business locations:

  • the purchase price for developed land starts at EUR 25.00 /m2;
  • the price for renting manufacturing incubator starts at EUR 0.80 /m2/month;
  • the price for renting office incubator starts at EUR 1.00 /m2/month;
  • a portal with commercial property listings with updated information on locations.

Active support from local communities and other business enteties:

  • free and updated information for potential investors;
  • proactive help with documentation;
  • assistance in finding additional sources of funding and subsidies;
  • a vast network of business partners and support institutions.