Why Koroška?

Why choose and invest in the areas of the Koroška region?

Great geostrategic position:

  • located in the heart of Europe;
  • bordering Austria;
  • the vicinity of motorway (AT Koroška);
  • the vicinity of airports.

High quality of living:

  • unspoiled nature;
  • Koroška is often compared to Switzerland and Austria;
  • low living costs;
  • one of the safest regions in Europe.

Leading areas:

  • metalworking, machine engineering, and tool industry;
  • forestry and wood industry;
  • tourism.

Excellent business locations:

  • the purchase price for developed land starts at EUR 25.00 /m2;
  • the price for renting manufacturing incubator starts at EUR 0.80 /m2/month;
  • the price for renting office incubator starts at EUR 1.00 /m2/month;
  • a portal with commercial property listings with updated information on locations.

Active support from local communities and other business enteties:

  • free and updated information for potential investors;
  • proactive help with documentation;
  • assistance in finding additional sources of funding and subsidies;
  • a vast network of business partners and support institutions.