About us

RRA Koroška, the Regional Development Agency for Koroška, d.o.o., (RRA Koroška d.o.o.) is responsible for acceleration of local and regional development in economic, social, spatial, and environmental fields. As an organization that promotes regional development, RRA Koroška carries out public-interest tasks regarding the Koroška region. Its primary activities are identification and realization of project ideas, the preparation and monitoring of regional development programmes and regional projects; project management and collaboration at implementing calls for tenders, public procurements, and public-private partnerships. In association with local communities and other regional institutions, RRA Koroška carries out management consulting, informing, transferring knowledge and good practice. It implements regional financial schemes such as guarantees schemes and scholarship schemes. The organization is also responsible for promoting and investing in the region and carries out other tasks based on the region development, including interregional and trans-boundary cooperation.

Invest Koroška Slovenia

In 2016, RRA Koroška began implementing Instrument 5 from the Programme for Promoting Competitiveness in Maribor and its Surroundings between 2013 – 2018 –The Promotion of Economy and Areas of the Podravska and Koroška regions in order to attract foreign and domestic investors in which three municipalities of the Koroška region (Radlje ob Dravi, Podvelka, and Ribnica na Pohorju) were included. This programme allowed the implementation of specific mechanisms for faster economic recovery. The aim of the Instrument 5 was to attract investors to the area of three municipalities in the Koroška region and to place it on the map of investors.

From 2020 to 2022 the project has been carried out within the framework of the Regional Trust in cooperation with the public agency SPIRIT Slovenia.


Aiming for cooperation between companies and for investing in the Koroška region, the RDA Koroškawith the programme INVEST KOROŠKA SLOVENIA offers opportunities to business partners and foreign and domestic investors.

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