Invest in Koroška I New products


Companies from Koroška region have always played an important role in the Slovenian economy. The central pillar of the economy and the main employer in the region remains the metal processing industry. Areas in this industry continue to develop in terms of strengthening the concept of Industry 4.0, providing greater energy and material efficiency, decreasing the energy intensity and introducing green technologies.

The development of new materials and technologies is also successful, especially polymer processing and ICT technologies. In recent years, the ICT sector has seen a rapid growth of innovative companies with high added value and a global presence.

We have an extremely good business support environment in the region, which helps companies in their growth and search for business partnerships. One of our activities is also helping companies with the identification of new development products, for which they are seeking potential investments.

In the following, we present new products, which are seeking for investment fonds and help to target global market:

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