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We have a say - Koroška – takes you by surprise.  And it's true.  We are one of the smallest regions in Slovenia, but we have a lot to offer.

And we are surrounded with unspoiled nature, forest, rivers by hills and mountains. We are a green destination, so the easiest way to explore us is by bike or on foot, via numerous hiking and biking paths.

Koroška is becoming increasingly attractive for foreign and domestic tourists, who are surprised by the beauty of the green Pohorje and Kozjak and admire the views from the mountain tops. In winter, it is ideal for all skiers who test their skills on more than 6 ski slopes.

A unique experience is offered by discovering Mysterious Peca underground by train, bike or kayak (that is the old mine in the Peca mountain). Or to take a ride on the longest steel line in Europe or by taking a raft ride in Drava river. Of course, all experiences cant go without delicious Koroška food and in the company of friendly people.

Tourism is one of the main economic sectors in the Koroška region. Koroška is a destination that attracts more tourists every year, both domestic and foreign. Guests are mainly looking for green, peaceful and quiet destinations, where they can escape from everyday tempo and stress. They are looking for destinations where they could connect with nature, with there families and with them self. And Slovenia and Koroška region can offer that.

In 2022, 150.627 overnight stays were made. The average length of stay in the Koroška region is 2.7 nights, which is above the Slovenian average. 

By offering support in connecting providers of tourist attractions, accommodation and cuisine, with support in the area of promoting the Koroška  region as a boutique tourist destination, Koroška is becoming more and more recognizable and desired destination for domestic and foreign guests. With the help of investing in tourism-related products, we will be able to further increase the tourism offer and become an even more attractive destination for foreign guests.

In the following document, we present investment opportunities related to tourism:


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