Virtual investment conference Slovenia: The land of infinite potential’

Virtual investment conference Slovenia: The land of infinite potential’

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Naziv srečanja: Virtual investment conference Slovenia: The land of infinite potential'

Začetek srečanja: 10.11.2021

Konec srečanja: 10.11.2021

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Join us and discover why choosing Slovenia could be the best decision you ever made if you are searching for a new investment, a reliable business partner, or planning to set up or relocate an export business.

    Get to know Slovenia, The Land in the heart of Europe! ‘’Slovenia – Green – Creative – Smart: Environment, Innovative Solutions, People’’
      We will talk about:
        Why it’s smart to invest in Slovenia Slovenia is a new hot topic in the field of investment. Find out why and what we can offer to investors in the heart of Europe.
          Innovative environment and solutions Innovation is an essential component of the Slovenian economy and society. Get to know the ecosystem and innovative solutions.
            Human potential in Slovenia Slovenian strong work ethic and knowledge make us very competitive in more demanding jobs.
              Find out how to identify potential and get the best of it.  
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