Unique decor products made of used skateboards

Jaka’s products are unique, diverse and made of used skateboards. He uses skateboards to make bowls, vases, earrings, rings, necklaces, incense stick holders, et cetera.

Craftsman Jaka’s products are crafted by recycling used and broken skateboards. When skaters dispose of their used skateboards, they give them to Jaka and recieve a keychain made of their older skateboards in return. When Jaka starts crafting with the used skateboards, he starts with removing the grip tape from the skateboard. Following, he sands the top layer of varnish and old stickers and cuts the board into desired dimensions. Then he glues the pieces and planes them with the wood plane. The pieces are then roughly and finely sanded and finally, waxed with the protective beeswax, which Jaka produces himself. The wood wax is 100% natural and food-safe. He makes colorful bowls, candle holders and vases.

Jaka’s bowls are hand crafted and sanded. He uses the left-over pieces to make jewlery and keychains.
His products are useful and distinguished by interesting colors, patterns, designs and pride with unique stories. Skaters, including the best Slovenian skater Mitja Težak, spent an enormous amount of time on these skateboards. They worked hard on these skateboards to master skating and lived through ups and downs with them, including occassional injuries. Hence, it is important to recycle the skateboards into interesting products that are useful and have an interesting story.


  • Unique designs and materials.
  • Self-made protective wood balm made of homemade beeswax.
  • Products made with precision and accuracy.
  • A combination of top quality Carinthian wood and used skateboards.
  • The making of all pruducts is the result of the craftsman Jaka’s skills, knowledge, development and experience.


Project promoter’s references:
The owner and director of the company and the label Mojster Jaka is Jaka Cesar, a versatile sportsman and a big nature fan.

He began working and crafting with wood in 2017, when he first purchased the basic bowl-making tools. He crafted his first wooden bowl with oak wood and as part of its design, he perserved part of its bark. At the end of 2020, Jaka Cesar decided to take a step further and created his own workshop, purchased several wood crafting tools and machines and began working with wood more seriously.